5 Ways to Keep Your Polished Concrete Floors Looking Good As New

Polished concrete floors are popular decorative concrete flooring options for homes and businesses alike. Aside from its stunning shiny finish, it is also extremely durable, so it can last for a couple of years before it requires major repairs. However, keeping the polished concrete floor’s trademark polish and gloss also require some work. Even if a polished concrete floor is a tough and long-lasting flooring option, it still needs proper maintenance to stay in optimal condition.

At Melton Concreters, we understand how important it is to properly maintain concrete surfaces. With proper maintenance and care, you can keep your polished concrete floors looking sharp for years and avoid extensive repairs in the future. That is why we have gathered the ways on how you can take care of your polished concrete surfaces. Look into the whole maintenance process to ensure that your shiny concrete floor can serve you well for the years to come.

Follow a regular maintenance schedule.

Having a regular cleaning schedule may seem like a tedious task, but it might be best to do this because all floors are exposed to foot traffic, dirt, grime and dust every day. If you don’t clean its surfaces regularly, the dirt and grime can accumulate and affect the protective layer of your polished concrete floors.

It doesn’t really have to be a hectic cleaning schedule. You can base it on the amount of foot traffic your floors receive. If you just have them at home, we recommend sweeping the surface at least once in the morning or evening. However, if you have them on your commercial establishment or any space exposed to high foot traffic and harsh elements, we recommend setting a morning and evening cleaning schedule.

Doing so can help prevent severe surface abrasion or the sandpaper effect. This happens when sand and dirt particles scratch the protective layer of your decorative concrete. If you don’t regularly clean its surface, its shiny finish may be ruined, and the concrete will lose its smooth and polished appearance.

Use the correct and tools and products.

As mentioned above, cleaning your polished concrete’s surfaces is essential, but your effort may be in vain if you are not utilizing the right tools and products. Although this type of flooring is highly durable, its glossy finish can be vulnerable to reactive substances. You can clean its surface manually or by using automatic equipment.

Manual Cleaning

If you manually clean your polished concrete floors, start using a dust mop made of soft microfiber. Sweep the surface to remove all the dirt, dust and other debris. Do not use a stiff broom or brush because it can scratch the protective layer of the floor. Besides that, if you have to clean spills or stains, it might be best to use a wet mop and pH neutral cleaner to help loosen the dirt or stain on the surface without harming its shiny finish. Just remember to clean it immediately because if you let the cleaner dry on the surface for too long, it can cause discolouration or create a dull haze.

Using an Automatic Equipment

Using automatic floor scrubbers with soft and non-abrasive pads can also be a good way to clean your polished concrete floors. It can efficiently clean the surface for you. However, if you will use it, just make sure that its wheels are made of rubber or other materials that will not etch, scratch or damage your floor.

Avoid using wax on your polished concrete.

If you have polished concrete floors, remember to avoid using wax on its surface. Wax is not suitable for polished concrete because it can dull its finish. Besides that, if you frequently use it, the wax will build up. Since it will be a lot harder to remove, your floors can suffer from severe abrasion or other irreversible damage.

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