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Melton Exposed Aggregate

When most people think about concrete, they see a bland, grey slab for their driveway or sidewalk. You may be reminded of coloured or stamped concrete, mainly if you know someone who has had such a project built on their house. These are not, though, the only two choices. With exposed aggregate concrete, you will create a stunning, paved surface with a one-of-a-kind appearance.

Exposed Aggregate is fast becoming one of the most common home finishes. The ‘exposed’ surface of exposed aggregate concrete reveals the natural textures of different aggregates. For residential use, a wide variety of aggregate/mix/colors is acceptable, but a radical new trendy range is needed for contemporary and industrial styling.

An exposed aggregate finish is suitable for most flatwork because of its toughness and anti-wear properties. Here are few examples of places where exposed aggregate concrete can be used:

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Design for Exposed Aggregate

Exposed Aggregate has several concept options; you can take it up a notch with the following ideas:

Montrose – This mixture is best described as an old country feel. With a soft charcoal base and a multi-coloured bluestone that contains copper, jade, and mauves. Since this stone is so rough, it is incredibly durable.

Montquartz – The same stone colour as the Montrose combination, but with a scattering of bright white quartz. Both modern and traditional models are available.

Tambo – The most famous combination without a doubt. Four different stone forms are available, including quartz-style pebbles, granites, and basalt set into a natural sand base colour. This mix would enhance your house’s value and contrast, whether it be in a modern or conventional style.

Glenelg – A subtle mix of multi-coloured pebbles with a bright sandy base colour. This blend contains a lot of stone and has a smooth feel, making it perfect for patios, pool surrounds, and driveways.

Burrindi – A beautiful combination of flat quartz pebbles and flecks of black basalt sprinkled throughout. With a bone-colored backdrop that highlights a dazzling stone hue. To build a distinct appearance, it can be bordered with sawn bluestone.

Benefits of Choosing Exposed Aggregate

  • There are several decorative Aggregate available styles and sizes, allowing for almost limitless color and texture combinations.
  • Exposed Aggregate blends wonderfully with simple concrete or other cosmetic finishes such as stamping, stenciling, staining, and integral coloration.
  • Other than sealing and cleaning regularly, little maintenance is needed.

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Melton Concreters is leading the way for exposed aggregate concrete projects. Our professional team will collaborate with you to find a long-lasting, appealing concrete finish that fits your unique specifications. We will have the ideal solution if you want a flat, fine-grade surface that is “foot-friendly” for a garden path or a heavy exposure for optimum slip resistance to increase driveway protection.

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