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Melton Driveways and Pathways

A well-designed driveway and pathway will add value to your house.

Enhance the open space on your land by rescaling your driveways and paths. Nothing beats a new home, and with our fantastic range of driveways and pathways, you will create the most convenient and fashionable outdoor environment, which will be the ideal place to chill throughout the day and snuggle up all the time.

We often overlook our driveways and pathways before something goes wrong. We anticipate that these surfaces would be clean, secure, appealing, appropriately sized, and low maintenance. However, installation mistakes mixed with a hostile climate make this problematic.

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Why choose us

We only deliver high-quality concrete projects.

Experienced Concreters

We have been in the business for more than a decade and our concreters are all experienced in different facets of concrete construction.

On-Time Delivery

We value your time. Thus, before commencing with any project, we provide an honest estimate of the time it would take to finish it. We always deliver on or before our deadline.

Clean & Neat

As professional concreters, we have developed the habit of cleaning up our project areas. We will leave your property pristine and visually appealing.


There are several considerations to weigh before deciding on a surface for your new driveway. For a modern driveway installation, the required time to install the driveway, the quality of the ground material, and the correct installation method should all be considered.


Many pathway concepts can make the scenery more enjoyable and easier to stroll around. It is essential to create a result in which the route constructed is designed to endure for a long time while also preserving its consistency and elegance.

Concrete has increased in popularity as a paving medium for driveways and pathways. These factory-made pavers are available in a range of shapes, sizes, and colors. They are much less expensive than natural stone and much easier to build because they have standardized thicknesses and shapes.

Advantages of Rescaling your Driveways and Pathways

Not just increasing your property’s curb appeal, an attractive driveway and pathway have the following benefits.:

Lifecycle Expense – Concrete usually has a longer working life than asphalt. A well-made concrete driveway or pathway increases the aesthetic value of your property while also offering long-term functionality.

Low Maintenance – Concrete is not only more durable, but it also needs less maintenance. It is easy to keep the concrete driveways and pathways in good shape. All you need is an essential soap and water solution to wipe the stains away gently if you come across stains.

Resale Value – A concrete driveway may make it easier to sell your home in the future, and you’ll likely recover a portion of your investment when you do.

Why should you choose Melton Concreters?

Melton Concreters‘ experts have vast expertise, are professionally qualified, and are approved. We only deal with high-quality materials and goods. We deliver a variety of colors and finishes, as well as technical solutions and guidance.

Driveway and pathway installations and replacement programs are usually best left to trained professionals. Many homeowners lack the necessary labour, supplies, and knowledge of the materials. All our driveways and pathways are made of high-quality materials, and we will create an exclusive style for your house. We make the most out of your home and provide you with the best outdoor living option.

We listen to your goals and then find the best equipment and custom build for you. We will show you prototypes and products that will suit your needs if you want easy-to-maintain driveways and paths that will last for years.

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