How Concrete Countertops are Better than Granite Countertops

Out of the different features that can be renovated in your kitchen, the countertop offers a variety of design options. Among the different options for your countertop, concrete countertops are a popular option to select. Another popular material you can select for your countertop is granite. Between the two, there are a variety of benefits that you can enjoy for your kitchen, but you will find that concrete is the preferred countertop material to granite for a variety of reasons.

Differences Between Granite and Concrete

When comparing the two materials, granite is considered the more luxurious choice for your countertop due to having deep hues and all sorts of natural variations when polished. Plus, as a natural stone type of material, it can have different colours and patterns to enjoy aesthetically. The main downside of this material is that it is not as malleable as concrete nor as durable. As a popular choice on par with concrete, granite as a countertop falls down to choice.

Concrete countertops on the other hand make for a sturdy and versatile material due to aggregate that is mixed with the cement. Aggregate is generally material like sand or crushed limestone and when added to the mix, impart specific qualities, like increased strength or a certain colour or texture. An example of this is mixing blue pigment and broken glass into the concrete to create a luminescent, sealike look. The main downside with this material is that it can stain over time and will need resealing.

Benefits of Concrete Countertops

While comparing concrete countertops to other materials can bring out their different features, you’ll find that concrete countertops alone hold their own benefits that include the following:


Concrete in general makes for a sturdy material that can also be stain and heat-resistant. Being such a durable material, you can be assured that your countertops will last long and stand well against different elements.


As stated, concrete can be malleable in design depending on the aggregate and pigment that is mixed in. Aside from this concrete is fluid depending on its mould and can have all sorts of curves and all sorts of built-ins and embedded objects.


Out of the different materials that you can select from, concrete is one of the more affordable ones for your countertop. You can have it replicate the look of granite and other natural stones for a more cost-effective design.

With the different features and advantages that come with concrete countertops, a professional service will be needed to ensure that all your countertop needs are met. One of the different service group options you can choose for your kitchen is Melton Concreters.

How Melton Concreters Can Help

Melton Concreters can generally be considered one of many professional services you can select from but you can be assured of this service’s experience. More than having multiple options that come with their services, Melton Concreters can ensure a hassle-free installation for your countertops and meet your budget needs. If you do not consider Melton Concreters, as your first choice in professional services, you also have the option to consult with them for available services and options that work for you.


Concrete countertops make for a durable and versatile option for your kitchen. When compared to other countertop materials like granite, its main stand-out features are its malleability in design and affordability. There are many different benefits when having a concrete countertop and because of this, you will want quality professional service to meet any concrete needs like Melton Concreters. As a kitchen feature though, concrete countertops are a sturdy investment to have.

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