What To Look Out For When Your Concrete Driveway Needs Repairs Or Renovations

A concrete driveway can be a durable feature to have on your property but due to having high foot traffic and multiple elements that can affect it, there are damages that you will want to look out for. Whether the damages are large or small, there are different indications for when a concrete driveway will need a repair or renovation. While certain damages may seem similar, you’ll find that there are different factors that determine a need for either a repair or renovation. It will especially help if you consult with a professional service team to further assess things.

Signs For Repair in your Driveway

The most common damage to repair with your driveway are cracks. If these cracks are less than ¼ inch wide, it would be best to repair them before they spread and lead to further damage. This type of damage can happen from water seeping in and freezing, causing the crack to widen. Another type of damage to the driveway is something that happens when it was not efficiently installed, crumbling edges occur. With this type of damage, you can repair it by applying additional edging.

Other types of damages are those that can affect the levelness of your driveway, potholes and sunken areas. Potholes are the type of damage that you will want to nip in the bud before it leads to any further damage. Sunken areas on the other hand are something you would usually find right outside of your garage and repairing this can ensure the safety of the space. Overall damages that occur in your driveway and need to be repaired are those that you will want to address as soon as possible.

An outlier of these damages is the fading colour of your concrete which can be repaired by a new stain application and sealer. The main indicator that your concrete driveway will need repairs before a renovation is considered though, is if it is less than 10 years old.

When To Have Your Concrete Driveway Renovated

The biggest sign you will want to renovate your driveway aside from the signs of damage it may show is if it is 20 years old or more. With cracks, if it is more than 2 inches deep and extends all the way through the concrete to the sub-base, there is no repairing it. Other types of rack that will indicate a need for renovation are alligator or spider cracks which are interconnected types of cracks and cover the majority of a driveway with the appearance of reptile scales.

More than cracks, if you find the sub-base eroded, the only way to save it is to have a new one installed. To ensure the safety of both your driveway and property, it best to have the cement and/or driveway replaced when multiple potholes and drainage issues present themselves. Simply put, if it’s old and you can see the space causing danger for you and your property, it would be best to have a renovation.

A Service to Consider: Melton Concreters

Your driveway can undergo multiple types of damages if you are not careful and to help with this, you will want to have a professional service you can look to consult. Melton Concreters can provide you with whatever you need to meet your repair or renovation needs whether it is materials or professionals who can ensure a hassle-free service. As a service that specializes in concreting projects, Melton Concreters is one service you will want to have in mind for your service needs.


There are different types of damages that a concrete driveway can end up with from different elements including cracks and potholes. What mainly distinguishes that need for either a repair or renovation is the age of the driveway and what stage the damage is. If you want a concrete assessment on what needs to be done for your driveway, a professional service group like Melton Concreters is recommended. You’ll find with the right care, you can keep watch for any concrete driveway damages to be addressed.

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