5 Ways to Keep Your Polished Concrete Floors Looking Good As New

Polished concrete floors are popular decorative concrete flooring options for homes and businesses alike. Aside from its stunning shiny finish, it is also extremely durable, so it can last for a couple of years before it requires major repairs. However, keeping the polished concrete floor’s trademark polish and gloss also require some work. Even if […]

Common Mistakes to Avoid with DIY Concrete Pouring

If you wish to save some bucks when building a new driveway, patio or other concrete surfaces, you might consider pouring the concrete by yourself. However, without careful planning and ample research about the project, you may end up compromising the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your concrete surfaces. At Melton Concreters, we understand that […]

How Concrete Countertops are Better than Granite Countertops

Out of the different features that can be renovated in your kitchen, the countertop offers a variety of design options. Among the different options for your countertop, concrete countertops are a popular option to select. Another popular material you can select for your countertop is granite. Between the two, there are a variety of benefits […]

Consider Concrete Patios for the Summer

There are a variety of options for your outdoor space, especially during the summer season. For something that is both sturdy and can protect you well against the heat while meeting your style needs, a patio is a structure to consider. Patios can come in a variety of styles and be built with different materials. […]

What To Look Out For When Your Concrete Driveway Needs Repairs Or Renovations

A concrete driveway can be a durable feature to have on your property but due to having high foot traffic and multiple elements that can affect it, there are damages that you will want to look out for. Whether the damages are large or small, there are different indications for when a concrete driveway will […]